• Marcos is our amazing Head Coach, who focuses on CrossFit (but who also coaches at our ever-popular strength club and in our specialist gymnastics and mobility classes). He is also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist, which complements his skills as a personal trainer perfectly. Here is Marcos in his own words:


    “I go further to enable my clients to achieve their goals in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable. I do this by looking closely at nutrition, flexibility, core strength, postural imbalances and bodyweight strength”.


    I will challenge you to push your body in a variety of ways to maximise your  results whilst learning effective and intelligent training techniques."

    Please get in touch using the Contact Us tab to discuss booking Marcos for therapy and /  or personal training. 

    Marcos Pinon

    Head Coach

  • David is one of our CrossFit Coaches. Know for his boundless energy and awesome(!) playlists, here he is in his own words:


    "My first experience with exercise came at the back of my friend's butcher shop... he was a lot older than me and asked me to lie on the floor and bench press a 20kg bag of potatoes for an AMRAP... From that moment... I caught the fitness bug and that was without stepping foot in the gym..

    A few years later I became a personal trainer and have helped people transform their lifestyles and bodies - check out my client transformations on Instagram at: beforeandafter_ltd 

    My goal for any member is to make sure they are smiling from start to finish - whilst still making sure they are working as hard as they can safely, efficiently and learning from every class - leaving the gym feeling they have achieved fitness and can’t wait to come back to go through the trenches all over again!!"

    David Camarinha

  • My passion for fitness began when I was only 9 years old participating in all the sport my school had to offer. At 11 years old I found my calling in handball and competed for my country for several years before I deciding to relocate to the UK. I joined a gym but working out alone wasn’t much fun until a friend mentioned CrossFit. That was 2011, when I first joined a Crossfit box. I was later given an amazing opportunity to become a coach and since then, I haven't looked back. Helping people achieve their fitness goals drives me to be a better coach every day.  


    CF – Level 1

    Scaling course

    "Spot the Flaw" course

    CF Running course (online)

    Ana Veljanovski

  • Danny was introduced to CrossFit by a PT at the gym he worked at, 7 years ago. He then joined his local box and was hooked since. In 2016 he completed his CrossFit Level 1 and commenced coaching. He then went on to complete his level 2 a year later.


    Danny has a great eye for technique and believes solid movements should come before intensity. He is vastly experienced at working with both beginners and experience Crossfitters alike.


    He is also available for Personal training and private coaching.



    Cf level 2

    Cf gymnastics 

    Precision nutrition coach 

    Level 3 personal trainer

    Danny Brown


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