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CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. - ​ CrossFit Inc.


CrossFit is a functional training philosophy founded in the early 2000s in California, by Greg Glassman, based on the principle that true “fitness” is made up of several different ingredients:

  1. Strength

  2. Power

  3. Endurance

  4. Stamina

  5. Flexibility

  6. Agility

  7. Accuracy

  8. Speed

  9. Coordination

  10. Balance


In order to build proficiency in the above, CrossFit draws inspiration from techniques across different sports in a unique way and prescribes a constantly varied programme of physical exercise, aimed at challenging the body daily by combining functional movements in different patterns, over different time horizons and for different purposes.


The end result? People who are better adapted to the multitude of physical challenges this world throws at them, whatever stage of life they happen to be in.

Check out the videos and links below (all used courtesy of CrossFit Inc) for more information about CrossFit and the principles which lie behind it, or pop into the gym and we’d be happy to tell you all about it!​



  • What does a typical CrossFit class involve?
    Up to a maximum of 12 athletes in each session are led through the daily workout (often called the “WOD” meaning “Workout of the Day”) by a qualified coach The WOD will change each day, and true CrossFit purists will wait to find out what they are doing until they walk into the class. What you can be sure if that the WOD will include a combination of tried and tested functional movements that support progress in the 10 measures of “fitness” described above ​​​ The coach will provide: Proper warm up and cool down Full explanation and demonstration of all aspects of the WOD and why they are being performed Advice on how to scale the WOD to suit your ability and provide a challenging but safe workout Supervision and guidance throughout the session to the group as a whole and to individuals Motivation and encouragement to make sure you get the best workout you can
  • What are the advantages of CrossFit compared to other fitness classes or gym based activities?
    Variety: WODs are different every day and the lack of repetitiveness both prevents boredom and challenges the body and mind, leading to continuous progress. The variety of movements within CrossFit is unique and brings huge physical benefits. ​​ Intensity: CrossFit is focused on achieving the intensity necessary to drive real physical change - via the class environment, the presence of the coach and the nature of the WODs – but always safely scaled to an individual’s own ability. ​ Community: The class environment builds camaraderie and sense of community and helps motivate members as they work out alongside each other. ​​​ Progress: Improvements in performance are measurable and the regular attainment of goals, whether small or large, has a huge motivating effect and brings a sense of real achievement. ​​ Consistency: All of the above make CrossFit fun and rewarding, encouraging consistency of participation which in turn drives further achievement in a virtuous circle of increased fitness and well-being.
  • Am I too unfit to do CrossFit?
    The short answer is NO If you think you are too weak/overweight/immobile/unfit /[insert your own worries here] to do CrossFit, then you stand to gain the greatest relative improvement from starting now. We would love to support you on your journey - please take the first step and contact us! All of our programming is fully scalable and adaptable, and as such all ages, fitness levels and abilities can experience the benefits of what we offer. CrossFit has been tried and tested by many who have been able to achieve some truly inspiring transformations in their physical and mental well-being. ​ We pride ourselves on providing a fun and welcoming atmosphere that is enjoyable for everyone, thanks in large part to our diverse and friendly member base. If in doubt, please drop by give us a call, or even better: try a session!
  • I’m an experienced athlete, will the classes be challenging enough for me?"
    Yes! The WOD can be scaled up to become challenging for anyone – check out some of the elite athletes on CrossFit’s pages and you will see some amazing examples of what can be achieved. If you truly believe that the classes won't challenge you, please drop in and see us and we'll try our best to prove you wrong! If you are looking for new sport in which to compete, there are many opportunities to do so within CrossFit, from fun local competitions to elite level regional, national and even international events.
  • Why should I choose CrossFit Tufnell Park
    CrossFit Tufnell Park was founded in 2017 by five friends who are passionate about health, fitness and of course CrossFit. As experienced CrossFitters, we have a good understanding of what makes a CrossFit "box" (CrossFit lingo for a gym) fun, and that is why we founded CFTP. We want it to be a facility embedded into our community, catering to the fitness needs with anyone who is willing to show up, apply some dedication and see where the journey takes them. ​​​ Our facility has plenty of space and height which allows great flexibility when programming WODs. It is also very well-located, with excellent transport links and proximity to Central London and the City. Many other similar gyms have had to compromise on either space or location due to lack of available real estate, but we are fortunate to have both! As well as plenty of functional training equipment used in CrossFit, we also have traditional gym equipment including cardio and fixed weight machines. We have longer opening hours that most CrossFit gyms so members have the option to use all of the equipment (both the traditional gym equipment and the CrossFit equipment) to supplement their training, work on their own goals or target specific weaknesses, outside of classes. Get in touch with us to find out more about the range of memberships we offer which allow flexible training on top of our core offering of classes. While CrossFit is at the heart of what we do, our varied timetable goes beyond just regular CrossFit sessions, and includes additional specialist sessions. These allow members to drill down and improve on specific areas (such as strength training or olympic weightlifting) which in turn allows them to progress faster during the CrossFit sessions. When you join CrossFit Tufnell Park, you get CrossFit and more!
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