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HIGH QUALITY CrossFit CLASSES coached functional fitness training: find out more about CrossFit here.

ADDITIONAL SPECIALIST CLASSES, to supercharge your progress. 

A WIDE RANGE OF EQUIPMENT including both "traditional" gym and cardio equipment, together with the highest quality functional training equipment.

LONGER OPENING HOURS than typical CrossFit gyms and a range of membership options to allow more flexibility for our members to use the gym both for classes and their own training.

OPEN GYM SPACE to work on your individual needs, within your own time constraints.  Feel free to utilise all of the gym equipment as well as the dedicated open gym platforms.


Welcome to CrossFit Tufnell Park - the CrossFit box forged by members for members.  We opened this box with the vision of providing the facilities, environment and culture we wanted, and that would allow us to achieve our goals as members. Our box reflects our varied experiences, abilities and aspirations in CrossFit.  We all have different athletic backgrounds and do CrossFit for different reasons, but we have one shared passion: to improve and see others improve around us.  Our box aims to make CrossFit accessible and un-intimidating, but is also a serious fitness destination where you will be challenged but rewarded for your hard work.  We are confident that our facility, equipment, coaching, programming and community will drive you to achieve greater physical capacity, build self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.


PERSONAL TRAINING If you’d rather take personalised PT sessions please feel free to get in touch.  These session can be tailored to suit you with a wide range of qualified trainers.

PHYSIO AND SPORTS MASSAGE We have treatment facilities and highly qualified staff, please feel free to get in touch to learn more about the staff and for all booking information.




Our programming is designed to challenge you in many ways, including learning new skills & techniques, testing your strength, testing your metabolic capacity and testing your mental drive.  We have ensured our programming is scalable, such that it is accessible to individuals of any current physical ability from former couch potatoes to those aspiring to compete in their sport of choice (including competitive CrossFit).  Our coaches are specially trained to offer alternative exercises if needed (for example due to a previous injury) to ensure that anyone can participate in a safe fashion and still be challenged.  We aim to have at most 12 people per coach (often fewer) so that everyone gets the attention they need. We will often also split classes by ability so that you can work at a pace that best suits you.  We have a number of specialist coaches and sessions in weightlifting, gymnastics and powerlifting.




As members ourselves we believe one of the greatest benefits of CrossFit is the sense of belonging to a community;  a good community enhances the experience by pushing you to work harder, share knowledge and making things more fun.  We believe that friendship with other athletes and the sense of "shared suffering" through some of the harder workouts we do forge bonds that extend beyond the four walls of CrossFit Tufnell Park.  We encourage a collaborative approach to workouts and arrange a number of group events including competitive events, and social events in and out of the gym.

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