We care about our members and want to see them can push hard ever day, achieve the most from their bodies and do this everyday of their lives.

CrossFit can be taxing but move well and take care of you body and you can minimise the risks and only take the benefits.  CrossFit Tufnell Park hosts various therapists and offers discounted treatments to members and any guest.



Jason’s background is heavily involved in sport where he has represented  England Squash at both the World and European Junior Championships and now takes a full and active part in Athletics where he currently trains at the England Athletics Lea Valley Centre in Enfield.  

Jason specialises in running related issues as well as other sports related injuries.  Jason has undergone rehabilitation modules as part of his education and is well equipped to offer gym based programmes to help with recovery.  Jason's background in squash and racket sports enables him to have a greater understanding of the demands placed on the body through vigorous training and competition.

As a current P.E teacher, Jason’s knowledge extends beyond that of just a massage.  Jason aims to help with your rehabilitation and advise you on programmes to help support you back to your full fitness.  Jason  places a high value on educating each of his client's and ensuring he gives valuable feedback in order to help client's gain the most from their treatment.

Sports Massage treatments at CrossFit Tufnell Park are as follows;

Aimed at general recovery from stiff and aching muscles, Sports massage has been proven to aid recovery and help prevent injury. These sessions are perfect for general maintenance of the body.

90 minutes @ £80  

60 minutes @ £60

Sports Therapy treatments at CrossFit Tufnell Park are as follows;

Sports therapy sessions are designed for specific sporting injuries. Sessions consist of injury diagnosis, manual therapy, mobilisation of joints and sports massage. It is a more thorough treatment with a very specific focus on treating pain and aiding functional movement.  

90 minutes @ £90

60 minutes @ £70

The Bodylogics Team pride themselves on the level of care and advice they give each and every client.  At Bodylogics we understand that every client is different and has different needs and demands placed on them.  It is vital that working with the client is an essential part of any prevention or recovery programme.  At Bodylogics we believe in what we do and are passionate about helping others feel great within their bodies every day.  Book in now to see our therapist and to experience what feeling great really is.


Body Logics Bookings

For more information please contact Bodylogics on

020 8368 9220 or 07739 960905


Marcos is our amazing Head Coach. He is also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist, which complements his skills as a personal trainer perfectly. Here is Marcos in his own words:


“I go further to enable my clients to achieve their goals in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable. I do this by looking closely at nutrition, flexibility, core strength, postural imbalances and bodyweight strength”.


I will challenge you to push your body in a variety of ways to maximise your  results whilst learning effective and intelligent training techniques."

Please get in touch using the Contact Us tab to discuss booking Marcos for therapy and /  or personal training. 



CrossFit Level 1

Crossfit Weightlifting

Crossfit Gymnastics

L3&4 Personal Trainer

Sport Nutrition

Advanced CPD in Modern Post Natal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming

Exercise to Music

Resistance training


Fitness Assessment

Sport Massage

Taping and strapping for sport therapy




Head Coach

About Us 


CrossFit Tufnell Park has teamed up with leading Sports Therapy Clinic Bodylogics

to bring it's members and future CrossFit enthusiasts the highest level of sports performance treatments. 

As one of the leading Sports Therapy Clinic's in North London, the Bodylogics Team, headed by Lead Sports Therapist Jason Dodd, will be on hand to help with injury prevention, diagnosis and injury treatment.  Specialising in Sports Massage, the Bodylogics Team has grown to include:

Physiotherapy Department

Osteopath Department

Sports Injury Rehabilitation Specialists 


With their Flagship Clinic situated in Barnet, we are delighted to announce a new collaboration in Tufnell Park at CrossFit Tufnell Park.

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Experience and Qualifications:


  • Qualifications -  Diploma Sports Therapy  qualifications 

  • BA PGCE - Physical Education


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